On the podcast, Lindsay, a Boston local and fellow English teacher, gave me a local’s walking tour of Boston. Below is my blog about the walking tour she recommended, including the spot by spot Google maps I made!


And by the way, if you want to see the Google Maps spot to spot tour I made right now, here it is: Google Maps Link


Boston Basics


First, I want to answer some general questions about Boston.


Where is it?


Boston is in Massachusetts State, and it’s on the East Coast of the U.S., a bit North of New York City. It’s near the place where the Pilgrims first created a place to live when they came to America, which was called Plymouth.


What’s famous there?


Boston is a really old city by American standards, so it’s famous for its history. The event that I remember from school that happened in Boston was the Boston Tea Party(Japanese wikipedia link). It sounds like a casual, fun thing, right? You know, like you and your friends get together and have a party and drink tea. Nope! That event basically started the a War! And that war created America as its own country! So it was a very important “tea party”! What happened? A group of Americans were angry about paying taxes to the British government for tea, so they threw a whole shipload of British tea into the Ocean! Of course, England was not happy about that, and eventually the war started. It’s funny, because now I drink tea every day, so I can understand how tea is important. But when I was a kid, I was just thinking “why did they care so much about just some tea?”. That’s because I never drank tea, and also most American kids never drink tea, and most adults drink coffee.

Have I been there before?


I’ve never been there. I just have a little experience going to the East Coast, and unfortunately, it wasn’t Boston. I went to Washington D.C. with my family when I was a kid, and I’ve been to Orlando Florida a few times to go to Disney World. Those are both on the East Coast. Oh yeah, and, I stayed in New York City for 1 night(but 0 days, because I got there that night and left the following morning) with my family on the way to Europe when we missed our connecting flight in the New York Airport.


How’s the weather there?


It seems a lot like Japan, but colder in the winter, so similar to somewhere in Northern Japan I think. Now I’m living in Osaka, so we don’t get much snow, but Boston is usually under 0 degrees in the coldest months, so it’s snowy there. I’ve heard it’s humid there in the summer, but I don’t think it can be worse than Japan! Maybe though, I don’t know.


Walking Tour Time:


In the podcast, Lindsay gave me a great walking tour of Boston. Below is a picture Lindsay and a message from her:

Hi everyone! I want to help you finally move beyond your current level of English. I am the co-host of the All Ears English Podcast.


I have been teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) for more than 10 years. I have taught in Japan, Argentina, Guatemala, New York City, and here in Boston. In my free time, I like to travel and explore, work on my Spanish, and meet new people.

Come get to know me on the All Ears English Podcast and the IELTS Energy Podcast! See you there.


OK, here is my summary of the tour Lindsay recommended on the podcast.


START: We are in Boston, U.S.A, and wake up at our hotel in the morning, get ready to go!


➤1st Spot: Thinking Cup Cafe

👉Lindsay recommended us to start our walking tour at the Thinking Cup cafe in the morning for a coffee or espresso, and maybe a pastry or muffin. There is no internet connection(what?!?!). But there is a reason! It’s so you can focus on the drinks and atmosphere. But why is the name of the cafe the “Thinking Cup”? It’s because Boston is famous for Academics, because it has famous universities like Harvard and MIT. So, there are lots of smart people there, and smart people like to use their brains and THINK a lot. Get it? I hope so.


note: I checked the reviews online of the Thinking Cup cafe, and the Hazelnut Latte looks good. Also, their desserts, like cheesecake and tiramisu seem good, too, so…maybe a dessert for breakfast?


➤2nd Spot: Boston Common Park and the Boston Public Gardens

👉This park is right across the street from the cafe, so we can get some coffee to-go and walk around the park. It’s not as big as Central Park in New York, but it’s good to wander around with some coffee. The park is also connected to the Boston Public Garden on its left. So we walk through the Boston Common, continuing through the Public Garden.


note: This is the oldest city park in the United States! It was started in 1634.


➤3rd Spot: Newbury Street Shopping

👉After walking through the Park and Garden, there is a nice shopping street with lots of restaurants, shops and salons called Newbury Street that is next to the Public Garden. This is a shopping district that is similar to Ginza in Tokyo, or Shinsaibashi in Osaka, maybe.


➤4th Spot: The Charles River Esplanade

👉This spot is an esplanade, which means a flat area you can walk around near a river or ocean. It is like a park along a river. In this area, you can rent a kayak or go on a sailboat on the river. Or, there is a burger shack where you can get a snack if you want.


➤5th Spot: MIT area

👉Across the river is the university called MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This area is famous of health, science and innovation. We could see or meet some interesting tech people here.


note: This is the university that is famous for the team of Blackjack players who went to Las Vegas and won millions of dollars, but got caught.


➤6th Spot: Harvard Square(Harvard University Area)

👉After walking around the MIT area, if we keep walking, we can get to the Harvard University campus. So Harvard and MIT area actually very near each other! I didn’t know that before. At Harvard Square, there are some restaurants for us to eat at, like Cafe Pamplona or Algiers Coffee House. Also in that area, there is the Harvard Book Store. Famous authors often visit this book store for talks and signings, so there is a chance we can see a famous author there, if we’re lucky.


Food Recommendation: Lobster Roll

👉I asked Lindsay about famous food in Boston, and she recommended the Lobster Roll. It is Lobster with Mayonnaise(or butter) in a bread roll. So it’s basically a simple-style Lobster sandwich. They are a little expensive, so they might cost around $15-20 for a good one. But if we want to get a cheaper one, we could go to a different state called Maine for a day trip. Maine is a state that  is next to Massachusetts. There, you can get Lobster and Lobster Rolls for a cheaper price.


➤7th Spot: Fenway Park

👉This is the baseball stadium that the Boston Red Sox play at, so we can end the day by watching a baseball game. There are some Japanese players on the Red Sox, so we can try to get their attention and cheer for them! Also, this stadium has a big green wall called “The Green Monster”. It is a huge green wall in the Left Field. Also, you can get a hot dog(or ballpark frank) to eat while you watch the game.


➤EXTRA Spot: The Sam Adams Brewery

👉Sam Adams is a famous beer brand in the US, and they make lots of different kinds of delicious beers. The name of the beer, “Sam Adams”,  is taken from a famous historical person. He was one of the founding fathers of America, and must be famous around Boston.


➤END: We are tired and full from all the walking, sightseeing and eating. It’s time to go back to the hotel and sleep.


That’s it! What a great walking tour. I didn’t know we could see so many things that are famous in Boston on foot in just a day.


So what do you think? Have you been to Boston? If so, how many of these places did you go?


See you next time.