Nate英会話Lab 002: 飛行機で(Lets talk to the flight attendant and person next to you)

First, we say the TOP5間違いin 日本語. Please think of the answers in English. Next, we do two ロールプレイ on the airplane WITH 間違い! Try to catch the 間違い。After the ロールプレイ、we will give you the ANSWERS! Here are the two roleplays: 1) Aya talking to the Flight Attendant 2) Aya talking to the person next to her on the plane. Next, I ask Aya 3 questions! 1) when was the last time you were on the plane? 2) Do you talk to the person next to you when you fly? 3) Do you talk to the person behind you? What do you say?


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