Nate英会話Lab 008:観光案内STAFF(花見VERSION)



Blue Monday

piano concert



classic songs


underground room

pitch black

completely dark

hold the railing




I just got in to Osaka.

we were kind of in a hurry…

Where do you think is good to do that?

Can you take a tour of the Mint?

sitting down and like, singing….

I should go there tomorrow and have a kind of party?

the what?!

where can I get some good rice balls…


1) “hana” means flower, and “mi” means flower, so together they mean “to see the cherry blossom flowers”.

what’s your last name?

It’s kanji, right?

what does your name mean?

shima means “island” and “mura” means village, and together, they mean…


what is the main purpose?

to have fun

hanami has, like, two meanings.

there is a park, famous for cherry blossoms, in Washington DC

hanging on the tree?

monkeys do…

we are sitting on the ground

under the cherry blossoms

2) It’s the building where they make money

it’s the place where you get your clothes cleaned

dry cleaners

nice clothes or suits or a coat..

I haven’t gone to the dry cleaners for about 2 years

it’s the Mint

same as the herb

why is it “mint”?

I don’t know exactly.

the mint to eat…

mint means good, brand new condition

Have you ever been to any Mint?

6th grade

in the wintertime

maybe 15 or 20 degrees

I only brought shorts

…other really good museums in Washington DC

you can see the dollar bills in the big book..

not cut..

the big sheet..

I saw some old bills

that sounds really cool

Edo era


could you see the Koban in the Mint?

3) You can have a good time walking around and seeing the Cherry Blossoms.

Enjoy+ (something)

Enjoy. XXX

4) You should bring a blue plastic sheet to sit on.

Leisure sheet XXX

Leisure seat OK

what’s the reason?


I brought the mic to sing kobukuro

when i was little, i brought badminton racket and some shuttles to play with my friends


when someone misses it, they are the loser

fighting and arguing

5) Yes, that sounds like a good idea

the sentence is too short

Let’s take….

that doesn’t sound like a good idea

maybe we should go to lunch today..

we should take tequila shots after we eat lunch


Whats the best place to see the Cherry Blossoms?

They light up the Kiyomizu Temple.

…its worth it to see it.

My iphone is worth 500 dollars

When you think about Hanami, what foods come to your mind?


when we went on a picnic, I really really wanted to eat…

rolled up egg


what’s the difference between…?

it’s filled with lots of chees and meat…..


sugar or soy sauce or…fish soup..

Have you tried any Sakura foods or drinks?

inside of the mochi, there is red bean paste

rolled with Sakura leaf

American people think mochi is dessert

good mixture

it’s just amazing

where can I buy that?


Where did you go for a Cherry Blossom Party?

the Hanshin Horse Race Track

do they have a park?

next to…

they have, kind of like a park..

my friends got the spot next to the horse race track

one person went to the track at 6am or 7am..



run over to the betting area..

you can win money too

the place to ride the horse


not a racing horse..

Do you have something like Hanami in the US?

Hey John, let’s go see the flowers!

we have a barbecue or a picnic



a picnic is not a party

romantic date

I’m not that romantic…

for valentines day or a special date

special occasion

there are almost no seasons…

moderate weather

the temperature is almost the same…

starts to rain..


rainy season

from february to november-barbecue time


does every house have a barbecue and a backyard?

Santa Cruz


deck, a wooden deck


a stream is a small river


1) “hana” means flower and “mi” means see, so together they mean “to see the cherry blossom flowers”.

2) It’s the building where they make money.

3) You can have a good time walking around and seeing the cherry blossoms.

4) You should bring a blue plastic sheet to sit on.

5) Yes, that sounds like a good idea.


you have to do it

I’m going to teach English…….

no plans now…


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