Nate英会話Lab 010:TOUR GUIDE(京都で!)






good for their brain

the mind

japanese-style barbecue

what was the best?

salt tongue

lemon juice


I’m getting hungry


Mr. Helman


we’ll go to Kiyomizu temple

what are we going to do there?

there is, like, a balcony at the temple

I have my camera today, so can I take some good pictures there?

pay some money

entrance fee

it’s included in the tour fee


I bought some matcha kit-kats at don quixote yesterday


udon noodle place

curry udon

old house in Kyoto

you can feel, like, japanese culture there

is that included in the tour or..?

when do i get back to the hotel?

before dinner

drop you off here, too.

when can i get some good souvenirs?

you mean, like, where?

which one do you think is, like, a good one to buy?

they are red bean paste wrapped with mochi




1) I’m Aya from Sunshine Tours. I’m looking forward to showing you around Kyoto today.

I’m Nate from Nate English Lab(business)

I’m Nate of Nate English Lab(formal)
what’s the difference?

business situation

friendly situation

at the bar


looking forward to…

other than…

if you have a future business or future plan…


this summer my sister is getting married

I’m looking forward to drinking a lot.


nieces and nephews


my cousins children

2) You can see a good view of Kyoto from the temple.

Nate English Lab we teach you good, beautiful, long native sentences

see a view

if you come to my house, you can see a good view of the ferris wheel

an ok view

my house can see a view XXX

my house has an OK view of the ferris wheel


I’m afraid of heights

Rokko Mountain

make a sentence

Rokko Mountain has a great view of Kobe City

You can see a great view of Kobe City from Rokko Mountain

tell me about…

Hong Kong


very high building

3) It’s a hands-on cultural experience.

making something or doing something

zen hands-on experience

try to meditate

normal experience, you look at the temple, and that’s all.

the teacher hits you with the stick

junior high school student

is experience, is it a VERB or a NOUN?


It was an interesting experience.

maybe a little strange

what did you do? what for?

my family moved to…

figure out…manage to do..

I home-schooled…

home school

you can do it without speaking

sometimes it was fun

it was still a good experience all together

4) Do you have any questions about the tour?

what’s your middle name?



I have a question

I only remember two words

(slovakian language)
zmirzlina means ice cream
dom means house


I give up.

Do you have a question?

Do you have questions?

Do you have some questions?

Do you have any questions?

I’m done explaining

when I was a child…

how many dogs is normal?

Did you have any dogs when you were a child?

Yes, I had a miniature schnauzer

what kind?

she was a mix of a collie and a shiba

with longer hair…

5) We can stop at some souvenir shops along the way.

tongue twister

stop at

going to work, and we stop at the convenient store

I always stopped at the convenience store next to my school

milk tea and pound cake

almost everyday, stopped at a coffee shop


my mom, she drinks decaf coffee

wake up


Have you ever shown someone around like a tour guide?

host family

tour schedule

I picked them up at the hotel

there first time, there first caste in Japan

chain store



how about your host family?

it looked like it was difficult for them to say Okonomiyaki

foreigner accent


it sounds like a different food



they thought Japanese food is really healthy


Have you ever taken a tour?

my family loves traveling

we never took…


we took a tour of the Golden Temple in Bangkok


golden temples


older men, old people

they try to get you to take their tour

two choices

audio tour


old man guide

we did the math

figured out

which on is cheaper? which one is a good price?

he was really funny

he was always making, kind of, like a, oyagi gyagu jokes


he looks like a model

the guide kept touching him

making jokes

It’s more dangerous for….

in Japan, there are some bus tours..

small, short tours

duck tour

(duck sound)

quack quack

train tour, and old train

50 years old

steam train

the train comes down into the city…


waving at…

I did that tour when I was in elementary school

riding on a steam train…

enjoy the view

it’s really slow

don’t need to rush

my grandma loves the bus tour

50 or 100 elderly people

attacking like an army

When you travel, do you take a tour?

we didn’t take the 5 day tour or whatever


drivers license

we couldn’t drive by ourselves

hot sand bath

clear river

power spot

enjoy the fresh air


1) I’m Aya from Sunshine Tours. I’m looking forward to showing you around Kyoto today.
2) You can see a good view of Kyoto from the temple.
3) It’s a hands-on cultural experience.
4) Do you have any questions about the tour?
5) We can stop at some souvenir shops along the way.


Now you are a professional tour guide

I haven’t decided yet

take someone on a tour

this week

teaching and teaching and teaching

you can earn lots of money

you can spend lots of money…..
I have to buy a wedding present for my sister

I have lots of time.


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