Nate英会話Lab 011:電話でORDERING PIZZA(ピザデリバリー)


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How was your Golden Week?
I attended a self improvement Young Americans workshop.

What was the most interesting thing at the seminar, or workshop?

What did I do? Oh, I went to a Comedy Show.

The one guy in Jungle Pocket…..he looks like a foreigner.

The best act was Tenjikunezumi.

Nezumi is mous

It’s a kind of mouse…

A special kind of mouse, like a hedgehog.


Dream Inn Hotel

Hello, Nateo’s Pizza.

Can I get your name first?

Could you spell that for me?

Could I get your phone number?

Could I get your room number?

That’s our Spring Special.

Salami and Cheese


We have extra cheese, which is a topping.

Cheese comes with the pizza.

How about the other one?

Recently, our pesto pizza is popular.


It’s an italian sauce.

What kind of crust would you like?

It’s 2 dollars extra for the deep dish crust.

What kind of soda would you like?

It’s 30 minutes or it’s free!

If you can’t make it, it’s free.


1) I’d like to make an order for some pizza.

If you call the pizza place, you say “make an order”. How about a restaurant?

Hello this is Nate’s Crab Restaurant.

or, your calling your professor, in university.

Hello, Professor Helman.

If you know the person….say “hello, this is Aya”.


in a polite way

first time you talk, you should speak polite…

then after talking one minute or two minutes, “want” is ok.

When is the deadline of my report?

2) I have a coupon I’d like to use.

I have a textbook (that) I never use.

Do you have a TV? Do you watch the tv everyday?

I have a TV (that) I watch everyday.

I have a textbook I use to keep my table balanced.

3) I want one with pepperoni and mushrooms, and the other one with pesto and olives.

Good choice for pizza..

If we have two people…

one of them is Inoue. He wears the black clothes….

and THE OTHER ONE wears a white suit.

which one do you like better?

His hair is so cool. His hair is really long and covering his eye.

So, I have a pair of shoes.

We are looking for your shoes…

I have on here. Where is the other one?

The laundry monster stole it.

We don’t have such a monster.

4) How much extra is the deep dish crust?

You ordered pizzas with two toppings, but you want three toppings.

How much extra is that?
It’s going to be two dollars extra per topping.

So what extra topping would you like?
Extra Cheese!

5) How long will it take to get here?

“will” is future

How long does it take OR how long will it take?

never change

How long does it take OR how long will you take?

“you” makes some pressure…

it’s confusing

Don’t worry about….

How long will it take to +(V)

How long does it take to make your bed?

It takes me about 5 seconds to make my bed.

because of culture maybe

how long does it take to finish your lunch?

It takes me about an hour.

It’s healthy, right?

Usually I’m watching youtube videos.

concentrate, to focus on…

Your concentrating on your food.

How long does it take to come to my house from your house?


What’s your favorite kind of pizza?

Basil and tomato sauce and cheese

mozzarella cheese


tomato sauce

In America, do we have Margherita pizza?

Cheese Pizza

one more pizza I really like….

gorgonzola cheese with honey


the honey is a little strange for pizza

If you eat it, you’ll love it.

you can’t get it at the franchise, chain pizza restaurant

Specialty pizzas

only cheese, or only pepperoni

lots of toppings

how do we say the pizza with lots of toppings?

It’s called combo, or combination..

Combo means mixed or together

meat, vegetables, maybe garlic and, I guess it’s like mixed Okonomiyaki

You can eat 4 kinds of pizza in one pizza

One pizza is split into four parts


In america, we don’t have the quattro pizza. We have half and half.

Combination Pizza..what toppings?

peas XXX
broccoli XXX

I’ll give you a hint.


That’s a lot.

When I was a child, I didn’t like combo.

I took of each onion.

Sometimes a bit into the pizza, and “oh! there’s an onion!”

picky eater

So what’s the difference between pizza in Japan, and the US, and maybe Italy?

What do you think?

They are much bigger, and more toppings on the pizza.

The basic pizza is cheese.

Lot’s of American children love cheese pizza.

The next step is Pepperoni Pizza.

kids pizza with pineapple, or corn.

Hawaiian Pizza

pizza size:

extra small
extra large

American medium pizza is enough for two people
two AMERICAN people!

what size do you order?

two mediums, with some salad, or some fried chicken

what side menu is popular in America?

more cheese…

Japanese pizzas are like, double price, almost.

In America, the medium pizza at dominos, like 10 dollars.

When I was in University, there was a special.

$9.99= about 1,000yen

We ate pizza and soda for, i think about 2 days.

Do you have the same experience in Japan?

When you were in University, what kind of food did you order, like university food…?

delivery or take out

What if you don’t want to go out.

Not popular for university students.

American pizza delivery or chinese take out is cheap.

save money

the restaurant is cheaper

Italian pizza and Japanese pizza is almost the same

thin crust and a little cheese

I need to check with my italian friends

which is better, or italian pizza or japanese pizza?

How often do you order pizza?
I rarely order pizza

Because my family makes pizza.

What kind of pizza did you make before?

usually 3 kinds of pizza.

1) sausage and garlic with black pepper (Dads favorite)
2) seafood(shrimp, squid) with green peppers
3) teriyaki chicken with mayonnaise with extra cheese

easy to melt cheese

torokeru cheese= processed cheese

processed food means not natural

cheddar cheese is my favorite

American comics, we use swiss cheese

Have you ever ordered pizza in English?

Have you, like, made a reservation..?

Is it difficult to speak on the phone in English.

I write down what I want to say, and i read….

…maybe I forgot what I really wanted to say.

So how about you? Have you ever ordered pizza in, so abroad, so in Japan?

It’s a failure story.

I came to Japan in 2009 September.

Around October, I wanted to eat pizza really bad.

dominos, like, a coupon

dominos advertisement

bajiru sausu=pesto

I called, and they said “moshimoshi”

I spoke Japanese a little, just a little.

Next, they asked me a question, and I couldn’t answer the question.

There was one word I couldn’t understand.

He said the same question…

So what do I do?

maybe he asked about “crust”

what kind of crust do you want?

He wants to make sure I don’t make a mistake.

Finally, I said…

And then…

I was really hungry.

I called back 10 minutes later..

luckily, the really nice girl answered the phone.

she explained about the “kiji” I think.

Talking about “kiji”, like crust


We don’t have vocabulary about that.

If you don’t understand one word, then the telephone call, is like, finished

What do you mean?

Could you explain a little?

How was it?
Too small


1) I’d like to make an order for some pizza.
2) I have a coupon I’d like to use.
3) I want one with pepperoni and mushrooms, and the other one with pesto and olives.
4) How much extra is the deep dish crust?
5) How long will it take to get here?


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