Nate英会話Lab 013:空港でFlightのキャンセル

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What did you do last weekend?
I had a surprise birthday party?

It was my first surprise party…

How did you surprise them? did you wear, like, a costume?…did you hide?


My friends friend took her to the restaurant.

What did the birthday girl do?

like “whoa!”


so the surprised birthday person, before the party, they are a little bit angry!

so my aunt had a surprise party..

maybe after her birthday

small birthday dinner

it was her 40th birthday

she was really angry at her husband

just a small dinner for my 40th birthday?!

she wants to kill me today

but finally….

So a surprise party is a little dangerous, for like the husband, or the wife….


Next customer please.

I’d like to check in, my flight.

Can I see your passport.

Oh, are you checking to the flight to Las Vegas today?

there’s a problem with your flight.

The flight has been cancelled, actually.

Do you have a connecting flight?

Let me check for some flights tonight.

I’m very sorry, we don’t have any flights available for tonight.

well, you can contact our customer support by email or by phone after you get the cancellation fee.

i’m not sure if you can get the refund. But, it’s possible.

We have flights available tomorrow morning.

please book me on the 8:30 flight.

about your hotel, here are your hotel vouchers

It’s a very nice hotel….

you can take the airport shuttle…


1) When is the next available flight there?

next flight? XXX


how can we use available in a different situation?


anywhere with a seat

at the restaurant:

do you have any available seats?

do you have any (available tables OR tables available)?

2) Oh, connecting flight? No, I don’t. I’m staying in Las Vegas.

No, stay in Las Vegas XXX

so, the flight is cancelled. If you have a connecting flight, it’s a big problem.
so the staff asks “do you have a connecting flight?”


have a layover
=about between the flights, time in between the flights

have a connecting flight
=second flight, next flight

I had an 8-hour layover in Tokyo

Oh, that’s why!

When you go to Hong Kong, do you have a layover or connecting flight or direct flight?

My flight is a direct flight.

Ex. Direct flight —-Osaka to Hong Kong

Ex. One-stop flight—–Osaka to Tokyo to San Francisco

Ex. Connecting flight—–Tokyo to San Francisco

Ex. Layover—waiting time in Tokyo between flights

You went from Toronto to Vancouver to Osaka.

Tell me about the layover.

a strike

without any food, during the flight

the guide bought some food…

no food flight..

we had plenty of food during that layover

CA=cabin attendant

Flight Attendant

So, do you want to be a flight attendant Aya?

No…because I’m short….

you can wear high heels..


3) Sorry, what do you mean? Do you mean you will pay for the hotel tonight?

What’s provide? XXX

how can we react?

what do you mean?
I don’t understand the IDEA or WHOLE SENTENCE



two words you don’t know

what does VOUCHER mean?

do you mean….(EASY ENGLISH GUESS)?



“My place of origin is the bay of Santa Cruz”

what does ORIGIN mean?

it means my original location or situation.

Do you mean you were born in Santa Cruz?

my place of origin
the place I’m from

is the Bay

of Santa Cruz
my hometown

my hometown Santa Cruz is on the Bay

what do you mean….? + do you mean…?


NATE: what did you do last weekend?
AYA: I watched the Holidays.
NATE: what do you mean? Do you mean you watched, like, a christmas story, or something?
AYA: I watched a movie, the name is “the holidays”

4) Well, could you pay the cancellation fee for my hotel in Las Vegas?



Let’s change to a VERB(doushi)?

So, could you pay the fee to cancel my hotel in Las Vegas?

Could you pay to cancel my hotel in Las Vegas?


very difficult

how about “arrive”?



When will it depart?
When is the departure time?

When will it arrive in Las Vegas?
When is the arrival time?

You are a Verb and Noun changing genius

5) I guess that would be OK.

I guess has feeling, many feelings for “I guess”

So, it’s about your feeling.

For example, I go to the store, and I want to buy a electronic dictionary. I want to buy a blue electronic dictionary…

only pink…

I guess I’ll get the pink one. There’s no choice.

You take the toeic test on Sunday….so what are you going to do on Saturday?
I guess I’ll study all day.

not happy

like a tone

“I guess” in English = tone or “eeee” in Japanese

I guess I’ve been busy recently. What does it mean?

2)bad feeling
3) i didn’t think before

I didn’t think before. Then, “I guess” is ok.

“I guess” is very difficult.

In highschool English class, “I guess” has one meaning. = maybe

but many many meanings


Have you ever had a cancelled or delayed flight?

I’ve never had a cancelled flight, but I’ve had a delayed flight.

I was waiting in the plane.

We were waiting for the other airplanes to take off.

That happens a lot.

about 30 minutes or less

How about in Canada, you had the long layover. What did you do?


playing cards during the layover

what kind of card games do you play with your friends?

trying not to pick up the joker

nuku=pick up

try not to pick up the joker(baba nuki)

In America, we play “go fish”

You can ask anybody in the group…you choose

John, do you have a 4?

then you get, then take and put down

clockwise(tokei mawari)

counterclockwise(gyaku mawari)

baba nuki and go fish are kind of the same


life(ginsei game)

Well Nate, how about you? Have you ever had a cancelled or delayed flight?

My family, we went to Europe.

We went to Europe, for like 3 weeks.

The trip back was one stop or two stops.

Paris to NY, then NY to San Francisco

it might have been cancelled..

maybe we missed our connecting flight

I remember, we were, like, running, in the airport

Maybe they delay was too much

I was in 3rd grade in elementary school

the airline gave us the hotel voucher

If you ask me…”Have you ever been to NY?”


Statue of Liberty, NY pizza

Alright, about airports. I think the Osaka Airport is very beautiful.

KIX Kansai International Airport

X…I don’t know

SFO San Francisco International airport


Aya, what airports have you been?


do you know the story about Anne?

Anne, it’s the woman, with the red hair

scary story


Prince Edward Island

Anne of Green Gables

tell me about PEI airport

It’s like a bus top station

propeller plane

we could see the cockpit

You could, like, touch the pilot, and say “whats up!?”

We were waiting at, sitting on the benches, then seeing the propeller airplane coming in front of us.


I don’t want to take the small plane

Do you have any interesting stories about flights?

My family was traveling in Europe..

in this flight, there were extra seats in the First Class

So, my mom travels a lot…

we had a special members card, or something

the flight attendant, first they ask us if we want to change seats.

We did rock scissors paper(janken)

We changed to first class


so much leg room

and…it was really great.

then we got off the, so the flight landed, and we got off the airplane

stressed and angry

They sat next to the lady that was pregnant

making lots of noises

in labor

“oh my gosh, oh my gosh..”

what’s happening? what do we do?


1) When is the next available flight there?
2) Oh, connecting flight? No, I don’t. I’m staying in Las Vegas.
3) Sorry, what do you mean? Do you mean you will pay for the hotel tonight?
4) Well, could you pay the cancellation fee for my hotel in Las Vegas?
5) I guess that would be OK.



super dirty

do you have some machines or cars in your garage?

my dad and my moms, I don’t know, there stock for their business

what is the worst thing about cleaning the garage?
It’s hot inside.
We all three work in the small place.

Well, in my hometown, in Santa Cruz…


dangerous spiders

Black Widow Spider


I want to watch some Japanese comedy on TV, or youtube

iromonea show

it’s about using some things, like…

uchan and nanchan

Jungle Pocket on the iromonea, is really funny


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