Nate英会話Lab 014:ROLEPLAY-旅行前に現地の天気(San Francisco)

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I re-arranged my room.

-open space

I wanted to make open space for teaching.


shelf, book shelf, and sofa

“oh my gosh”

-hot spring

-the peak

I went up to the peak…

how long did it take?


sometimes the path is flat, so we were jogging…


today I’m super super sore



(ring-ring-ring, ring-ring-ring)


NATE: Hello

AYA: Hello. Oh sorry, Hello, this is Aya, do you remember me?

NATE: Oh, yea, Aya, how’s it going?

AYA: its good, yea, how about you?

NATE: Just enjoying the summer right now.

AYA: wow. cool. so….I’m thinking of coming to San Francisco. I want to enjoy summer in San Francisco.

NATE: Finally coming to my home area. so, so, how can I help you? what’s up?

AYA: So I want to ask questions. XXX
???????????????????????? OOO

NATE: OK, yea go ahead.

AYA: when’s the best time to go there?

NATE: well, do you like the beach or, the christmas, like, kind of atmosphere. which one is better?

AYA: beach?

NATE: OK, so you should, you should come during the summer

AYA: so the summer is like August or…?

NATE: the summer is from June to August, so, anytime in that time, so from june to july to august.

AYA: OK so…..what weather in summer? XXX
?????????????????????????????? OOO

NATE: well I don’t know about, so in Japan it’s kind of hot in the summer, right?

AYA: Yes, it’s really hot.

NATE: but in San Francisco, it’s a little, a little different. so, like, the temperature is almost the same as the spring or the fall.

AYA: oh really?

NATE: so, It gets hot during the day, but in the morning and the night, its not that hot, it’s really cool actually, sometimes cold

AYA: so, how much hot? XXX
?????????????????? OOO

NATE: I think it gets to about 80 or 85 during the daytime when it’s hot?

AYA: 80 or 85, so, what’s that in Celsius?

NATE: Oh celsius, well, yea 80 or 85 is Fahrenheit, so it’s F, right. Celsius, I think that’s about 30.

AYA: ah 30, So it’s not that hot?

NATE: no, i think 30 is hot for SF.

AYA: oh really?

NATE: so if its 35, thats like way too hot, so thats like a heat wave. do you have heat waves in Japan.

AYA: heat wave, what is it?

NATE: its like one or 2 days when its really hot. But its not, its very rare. so usually its, you know, 30 is like the maximum.

AYA: oh, its much cooler than i expected.

NATE: it is it is.

AYA: what kind of clothes should i wear while I’m there?

NATE: lets see. what do you wear in japan in the summer?

AYA: we wear t-shirts and tank tops

NATE: oh cool. in San Francisco you could, you could wear the same thing, so like tshirt or tank top. But you should bring, like, you should always bring an extra layer or two with you.

AYA: so maybe i should bring my cardigan or something?

NATE: cardigan? is that like a, like a sweatshirt?

AYA: ah, i don’t know, what is…, a sweatshirt is?

NATE: yea in California its popular to wear like a sweatshirt, so its like a sweater, like a casual sweater, with, sometimes with a hood. or like a zip up sweater.

AYA: oh i get it, so i should bring one or if i don’t have one, so, can i get some nice one in San Francisco?

NATE: yea, it should be a good souvenir. so you could get the sweatshirt with the golden gate bridge on the front, or, yea, i mean, you could just bring some, yea like, one or two, so like jackets or sweatshirts, and some long sleeve shirts.

AYA: oh i see

NATE: yea, that should be OK.

AYA: ah, thanks.



1) Could I ask you a few quick questions about going there?

could I…?
can I…?

a few
(=2 or 3)

going there



Aya, you are staff..

I’m the manager.

A: Can I take a quick break?
B: How quick?
A: Only a few minutes…

That was quick!

drink is a verb…

so “drink….QUICKLY”

2) What’s the weather like in San Francisco in the summer?

A: In the role-play, what’s the answer?
B: It’s not that hot.


in the daytime, it gets a little hot

A: what’s the weather like?
B: It’s like…XXX

ANSWER: It’s hot/cool/cloudy/etc..

(be) like

A: what’s your dad like?
B: he’s relaxed and super casual and funny.

funny, loves jokes, and very friendly

-similar to

It’s like Hokkaido in summer

What’s the weather like in Osaka in the winter?
(describe): It’s really cold.
(similar to): It’s like Boston in the winter.

actually, I don’t know.

3) How hot does it get then?

How (adj)…?


Hey Aya, I’m hungry.

A: how hungry are you?
B: I’m super freaking hungry.



the Golden Gate Bridge
A: how beautiful is it?
B: It’s so beautiful, especially, in, during the sunset.

Full House

the credits

the opening song, they have the Full House, the houses, then the Golden Gate Bridge.





In the role-play, I said the weather was cool.


first layer: undershirt
next layer: shirt
next layer: bigger sweatshirt or jacket


You should wear, you should bring some layers

something you can wear over your clothes

-wear layers

In winter, I wear a lot of layers


pronunciation is difficult

(spelling): tem-per-a-ture

(pronunciation): tem-per-cher



35 degrees celsius is how much F?

how many degrees F is 35 degrees C?


what is 35 degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit?


what’s that in Fahrenheit?

35 degrees C=maybe 90 or 95 degrees Fahrenheit


It’s difficult to calculate the temperature

A: How hot does it get in San Francisco in the summer?
B: 80 or 85, you said…

why is it cool?



the fog comes into San Francisco from the ocean in the morning…

-burns off

…then it burns off, then at night it comes back.

San Francisco has a special weather situation.


London is really foggy.



=====TOP 3 ANSWERS=====

1) Could I ask you a few quick questions about going there?
2) What’s the weather like in San Francisco in the summer?
3) How hot does it get then?


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