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-Explain about easy weather vocabulary and grammar, and chat about the weather

-We go from Spring to Summer to Fall to Winter, and talk about the weather in America and in Japan

-We ask each other about the weather forecast

-I ask Aya about wearing rubber boots during the rainy season in Japan

-Wearing rain jackets or using umbrellas during the rainy season(America vs Japan culture)


I have a story

In Japan, people carry the really small umbrellas, right, in Japanese, how do you say?



fold fold umbrella (LOLOLOLOL)

In English, what do we say?

In my life, I never used a “oritatamigasa”, never…..

I don’t know that word, but…

American people, maybe we can imagine the word is….


—————story(folding umbrella)—————

NATE: So when I came to Japan… in America, I never used an umbrella.
so I didn’t, so first, so i never carried an umbrella, its like, what? Carry an umbrella? what’s that? i don’t understand.

So, I would be walking, and there’s no rain, right, it’s, maybe it’s cloudy, I’m walking, everyone looks normal, so they’re not carrying the umbrella.
So OK, no one’s carrying an umbrella, its not raining, so I’m safe, right.

But, it starts raining, and, OK, it starts raining, oh, i need to, you know, rush to work. And I look around, and everyone has the umbrella, everyone, like, I’m the only person that doesn’t have an umbrella. Why? because of folding umbrellas. It was crazy, i thought, what, how is…. this is impossible!

AYA: Because even the weather forecast reporter said you should bring a folding umbrella today, because it may be rainy.

NATE: So, but, I thought, wow, its like magic, Japanese people are just magic, its like, it starts raining, and they have like, some special, like, a how do you say, like, doraemon, doraemon, thing, doraemon pocket and just “boom”, umbrella appears, and they can use the umbrella.

AYA: just we have a folding umbrella

NATE: so now I carry the folding umbrella, so I’m like the magic person now.


most important is about GRAMMAR

we have to talk about GRAMMAR!

Grammar master?



ex. yes, it is sunny today!


ex. it’s cloudy today

let’s change to a verb or noun

a cloud

that cloud looks like snoopy

cloud watching

when you are a kid, you do that with your sister?

It’s a sunny day, and there are a few clouds only.

kumo hitotsu nai
“there’s not a cloud in the sky”

clear sky


but for normal conversation, we say “it’s clear today”



when we talk about the weather, if we say rain,…..

It’s rainy OR It’s raining…what’s the difference?

Or I just wonder if there is a difference between “raining” or “rainy”

not now, but a time period

rainy, maybe now it’s raining, but maybe it stopped

It depends on the situation

example 1:

If your in class, and you hear the rain:

“it’s raining right now”

example 2:

maybe you don’t hear the rain, but earlier today it was raining:

“it’s rainy today”

time period

one difficulty, one difficult thing:

it’s rainy day. XXX

a) It’s rainy.

period= .

b) It’s a rainy day.

c) It’s rainy today.

-have rain
-(be) rain

there is rain
sounds like we are talking about a month….


rain for “meishi” is 1) formal 2) about amount, but more for formal(teinei)

In Japanese, do you say rain as a “meishi”?

translate literally:

“rain falls”

rain is always a noun in Japanese!

change the tense

in the weather report:

ame deshou
there will be (some/a little/a lot of) rain

In English, you have to count

there will be(….)rain
-a lot of



there will be some snow today.

You should do the weather report….


very professional


I’m not interested in weather!


I have one more question

I’m begging you

It started raining


It just started raining


when should we start?


oh my gosh!

that’s different from me

You’re from California

school year

In America, the school year starts from September

common sense

in that case, in the case here…

common knowledge, OR common recognition

Let’s start with…spring

you win Aya

what’s spring like in Japan?

It’s warm, sunny, don’t have much rain, and cherry blossoms, too

the start of spring is…..

chilly—-gets warmer and warmer—-gets hot

when does spring end? the start of june?

when the rainy season starts, before the rainy season.

late march to june, in the middle of june

In California, I never thought about Spring before. WHY?!

temperature is different

not humid

It’s so crazy hot

Spring in California is sometimes rainy

in april, it’s known…

“April showers bring May flowers”

strong rain

It’s like a lot of rain

It’s raining hard.

It’s showering

It’s a shower now
There’s a shower now


In English, we have many words for rain level

rain is neutral

When it’s raining a little, we say SPRINKLE.


It’s sprinkling now


drizzle= It’s raining a little, but the rain drops are bigger.

it’s drizzling right now.



(V) OR (N)

It’s showering now.


It’s pouring now.

like pouring tea, or pouring water

we have same, like, idioms in Japan…

flip over the bucket

your brother flips over the bucket onto your head?

like that heavy

It’s pouring buckets


crazy hot

what’s the temperature?

from 35 or 40, like we feel like 40, in the city

in the city, 35 feels like, even hotter, because of the buildings

35 degrees celsius

in California, we use F, so, different system


35 degrees C….

What’s that in Fahrenheit?

It’s 90 or maybe 95

100 is probably above 35

my hometown in the summer it gets, maximum 85 or 90

30 is probably hot

if it’s 30 degrees in my hometown, Santa Cruz, everyone is saying….

global warming

except maybe around 1 or 2PM, the sun is a little hot

warm or cool, and dry

in Japan, hot, humid, wet, so the rainy season is wet

and usually you are sweaty, right?

I don’t want to imagine..


how about the Fall? Fall weather in Japan?

It’s like, summer in your hometown, maybe?

sometimes warm

is it rainy in the Fall?

around October and November it’s starting to be like the rainy season

if i remember, yea I can’t remember, so i’ve been Japan for 5 years, so i forget

It starts to get a little rainy, at least in California

Late Autumn

that’s the wet season


the leaves are changing color
the leaves are changing colors

It’s the best season to watch the leaves change color


In the fall, it gets cooler.

From the fall to the winter, it gets colder.

In december or January, what’s the temperature?

It’s freaking freezing….super freezing

like in a fridge

In Osaka, it gets to 0 degrees C….or maybe 5..

It’s not cold in the winter in California in my hometown

====How to say “iine” in English======

How can say, or react, to your hometowns weather?

that’s good

natural way to say:
-ex. why can’t Japan be like that?


I wish I could go to America

Japan= cool temperature(imagine)

I’m watching the soccer game:
-ex. Why can’t America score a goal!
If your seeing the other team get a goal…..

ex. why can’t Japan score like that?

maybe if you go to Hokkaido in the summer, it’s like that, a little cool


=====The Weather Forecast=====

In America in my hometown, I never ever ever checked the weather forecast.


In my hometown

because the weather is the same, and…

We have a car, so we don’t need to bring an umbrella

jump into your car, and few, safe!

5 meters of getting wet is ok

I drive…but if you go to NY city….

In Japan, I had a problem

I always get wet

maybe my students, you know…

just recently

I had too many bad experiences

How about you? Do you check the weather report?

No..not really. I don’t really care about getting wet. Because I will dry

I don’t like holding an umbrella

Now we can check the weather report…..

It’s so easy now


Ok, todays weather is going to be rainy, maybe, so ill bring an umbrella

special occasion

wearing a suit

go to the beach
go on a hike
that kind of…

=========RUBBER BOOTS=======

rubber boots


you mean like a little pond because of rain

if there are lots of puddles, we need rain boots

We sore rain boots when we were children

what a joy.

We were jumping into the puddles

that’s so cool, but…

we only do that while we’re kids

when we wear high heels

if it’s raining, are shoes get soaking wet


compared with now

leather boots

If an American man is wearing rain boots, we have to jump in the puddle

100% he jumps in the puddle, and splashes me

care about getting wet


my parents, like my dad and my uncle and mom, they came to Japan

my dad and my uncle the came in the Fall and in the Spring

they were asking me about the weather

We think..we need to wear a rain jacket

They brought rain jackets in case it rains

So, have you seen the western person in the rain with the rain jacket…with the hood, and no umbrella

back seat

when it’s raining, and the kid is seating in the back seat of the bike.

If the mother is holding an umbrella while riding a bike, it’s dangerous

I heard it’s Osaka-style to have the umbrella holder in the bike. Is that an Osaka thing?

not allowed
against the rules

So my dad, he came to Japan, he wore his rain coat, and no umbrella

hiking, wild style

using the umbrella for my dad, or for me, its doing something, so, completely new.

I didn’t use an umbrella ever, before I came to Japan.

I never used an umbrella before I came to Japan

I thought umbrellas were only for elegant ladies


If it rains, definitely we use an umbrella

Or you can just drive


It was fun talking about weather….mostly about rain

stuck in our head

we are afraid of the rain, we need to hide and bring the folding umbrella

So maybe from today, Aya will use a rain jacket, not an umbrella

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