Nate英会話Lab 017:FREE TALK-タイ旅行(Aya’s Trip to Thailand)



Where, When and Why


first, where. I went to Thailand and Hongkong.

So, when? I stayed in Thailand for 6 days and Hong Kong for 6 days also.


and when was it? so
so, from when?
yea, yea, about
from the obon time…

During Obon
During the Obon Holiday
like during New Years, During Christmas


one reason you wanted to go to Thailand, is because of Phuket

so, why Thailand?

so that’s why I chose Phuket…
yes, thats why I chose.
That’s a difficult one.

-choose, chose, chosen

So, I understand why. Because your friend recommended it.
I think this reason is popular for Thailand.

People get recommended to go there.

So, I asked WHERE, WHEN, and WHY


How is not Wh- but…

How long…?

no, you already said how long you stayed there.

How did you get there?

KIX(Kansai International Airport)

so you had 3 flights…

How long were the flights?

From KIX to Hong Kong was about 3 or 4 hours.
and from HK to Bangkok was also about 4 hours.
and from Bangkok to Phuket was only an hour.

-have a layover

-Total Travel: maybe 13 hours

What was worse was, like, because (a) rainstorm in HK, the, I don’t know how to say, our flight was delayed, for one hour, and, or more than one hour….

I couldn’t transfer at Bangkok to Phuket, we missed the flight. XXX

-make the flight
-connecting flight

I couldn’t make the connecting flight from Bangkok to Phuket.


That was not our fault.

The staff was waiting for us at the Bangkok airport…

We got upgraded to (blahblahblah) class.

We got upgraded to First Class.

get upgraded (to…..)
be upgraded (to…..)

do upgrade XXX

So, I asked you WHERE WHEN WHY HOW

hmmm… what is the next WH- question

what is the most important WH- question?

most important is….


so, please tell me, a general answer…

What did you do in Korea?

I ate some korean BBQ, I got a 3 hour special spa treatment massage thing, and we walked all over SEOUL.


-get massaged by

I got massaged by an elephant

3 or 4 main things you did…

general answer is a little difficult

I tried real Thai food, I visited some nice beaches and temples, and…

before you said “massaged by elephant”

how about….


for example…

I tried real Thai food, visited some nice beaches and temples, and did some interesting things.

cool! (***CLAPPING***)

can you explain about speaking “IN GENERAL”?

native speaker

first, we say, kind of, GENERAL ANSWER. Then we give some examples.

detail examples

I’m joking.

At the end, you can give an example…

extra things

I did some interesting things, like, well, I got massaged by an elephant.

So, I asked you “what did you do?”, and you said 3 things.

-in detail-
I’ll ask you in more detail

tell me about your experience eating some food in Thailand

the taste is a mix of sweet and spicy and sour

I remember that, because,…

That soup has a little bit of a sweet taste…

what do you think about the mix of…?

shrimps XXX
shrimp OK

-pad thai-
It’s like a thai yakisoba

thin noodled yakisoba

I have a question, so, I went to Thailand…..

so, i think, the regular spice level for Thai people, is spicy, really spicy

Did you accidentally eat some really spicy food or something?

I ordered non-spicy tom yum kun

steamed fish


I drank like, 1 liter of water

feel like heat, inside of my body

got sweat a lot XXX

how do you say…

-get sweaty-
I got really sweaty.

the adjective(keiyoushi) is better

or the doushi
I was sweating a lot.

So you were sweating and drinking a lot of water.

I remember my friend ate some spicy tom yum kun….

she said she almost died

she said she felt like she was going to die

Alright, so, I asked “what did you do?”, you said you ate some good food, and you went to some beaches and temples.

well, yea, water is warm….(british english)

You can be my British friend. British Aya is ok.

well, so, ANYWAY, water(wadder) or water(wootah)

good use of ANYWAY

forget about it


sore ee wa

anyway, the water was not that cold

how do you say, how do you count the sand?

a grain of sand is bigger than that of Japanese one(s)

too much detail

the sand is a little bigger
the sand grains are a little bit bigger

you can feel the sand, it’s not soft, it’s a little bit rough.

-get sunburned-
did you get sunburned?

I wore some sunscreen, but the sunscreen is for getting sunburned beautifully, nicely?

SUNBURN is bad

-get tan-
get tan is good
I wanted to get tan, but NOT sunburned

I wanted to get a little tan.
Not a little.
I wanted it a lot.

OK, how about the temples?

The thai temples are very beautiful, but in a really different way.

-compared to…

Japanese temples are really, without any decorations.


-wooden OR wood

-not bright colors

…but a little bit different than that.


there are some decorations on the temples, and one kind of decoration, is a kind of mirror.


can you look in the mirror and see…

not that big, very small, tiny mirrors, millions of small mirrors…

You talked about, what was it, the food, the temples and the beaches, and the last one was some interesting things, like getting massaged by an elephant.

What is a(n) “ELEPHANT MASSAGE”? And what did you do?

stomping on me…

with their foot

but the elephant is so big

it can kill you

they trained a lot, with an elephant, not a master, a trainer

tell me about the experience, so WHERE, WHEN, WHY?

Phuket Island Safari

It is in Phuket.

We can enjoy some activities, like…

ride on an elephants back
giving bananas to elephants

how do you say “fureau” in English? How do you say in general?

I guess we elephant park or elephant safari.

We did a lot of different things with elephants.

Thats “general(ippanteki)” …

getting massaged by their giant feet

Your elephant is “Jimmy”.
do you have your own elephant?

The elephant trainer introduces your elephant…

He said some, like, a, Thai name.

It was like Jimmy or Johnny or Taro.

but really interesting, the elephant trainer can sing a song about elephant(s) in Japanese.

Phuket is (a) very popular island for Japanese tourists, so maybe he learned how to sing the song.

Zou song(elephant song)

Can you translate to English for me?

It’s talking about, the song’s about, elephant and maybe a boy, talking with the elephant, and, talking about the elephants mother.

So, why your nose is really long XXX
So, why IS your nose really long OK

…and then the elephant replies…

….because my mom’s nose is really long too.

So the thai elephant trainer can sing the Zousan song in Japanese!

Alright, so I am an English teacher, right?

I want to know about speaking English in Thailand.

Aya, you’re such a good English speaker…

I’m sure you could talk with Thai people perfectly.

OK, what do you want me to say?

How was it? How was speaking English to Thai people?

English didn’t work very well.
It was a little difficult

Our accents were different

When I took a taxi….

Yep, taxi…is always problems!

So, you said…

I want to go to (blahblah) plaza.


my intonation was not bad, but, you know, the taxi driver didn’t understand me.

I tried to say (it) again and again, with different intonations…



So you knew it was a pronunciation difference

You knew your English was good.

Together problem, OUR problem!

finally I just showed my map and just pointed

-give up-

I took out a map from my bag, and showed it…

How do they say plaza?

without “Z-A” sound(pla–ah)

OK, I want to ask you some quick, maybe, easy questions.


In English, we say…

Did anything (keiyoushi) happen to you during your trip?

Did anything interesting happen to you during your trip?



I want to guess…


Not in Thailand, but in Russia


so what happened?

-traffic jam

In Bangkok City, there are lots of traffic jams

-have a bad experience

we had a really really heave suitcase

before, your friend said “LET”S NOT TAKE A TAXI”

but later,…., you decided to take a taxi

because of traffic
because of the traffic
because of the traffic jam

because of the traffic, the taxi stopped

you were worried that you might miss the flight

-stuck in the traffic

how long were you stuck in the traffic?

-gave up
we gave up…

running with them

did you make it? could you get to the train station with enough time to catch your flight?

so, taking the taxi OR running, you prefer running?

-be stuck
being stuck in the taxi was, just, so annoying, and just made me worried…just being patient in the car….NO WAY!

I just wanted to, just run!

just get out, and run!

I want to ask you, like, a million more questions about Thailand…

I want to ask you more questions about your “happeningu”, so, interesting things that happened…

I want to hear about that to, about you trip in Hong Kong


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