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1) What songs do you sing in Karaoke?

-I sing Taylor Swift songs
-one of her popular songs is “22”, or “never ever get back together”

-those are very CATCHY songs
-the song gets stuck in your head, so you can’t forget, the, rhythm or the sound, just over and over in your head

-the chorus is always really catchy

-the songs I sing, let’s see, I like Muse. The popular song that I like is “Hysteria”
-do you know Muse?
-I think they’re from England. But they came to Japan before.

-it means, kind of, to “go crazy”

high pitched voice
you can’t stop the feeling of, like, uncontrollable, crazy anger
it’s hard to explain


1) After 9/11, there was mass hysteria.

-mass means, you know, like, mass media
-it means, everyone, there was hysteria for everyone

-after 9/11, everyone was hysteric

gyangyan naki
-crying hysterically (hahahaha)
-a kid is crying hysterically

2) Do you sing English songs?

Do you sing English song?XXX
Do you sing an English song?(NOT NATURAL, demo bunpou OK!)

Do you sing in English?

in Japanese, which one do you say?

for grammar, bunpou, both are OK!

-OH MY GOSH!!!! you already answered, TAYLOR SWIFT!

-yes, I do
-it’s not a new song. NATE:ENKA?

I sing “ah, yokattana”
-what is it in English?
-a girl thinks she is very thankful to be with her boyfriend or husband

who sings that song?

let me translate “ah yokattana”
-I’m so happy to be with a guy(or something) by Hana Hana

my age girls must know (it)

Aya, you are a child of the 90’s
-I was born in (the) 1990’s
-I’m a 90’s kid
-I was born in ’85, so, I’m a 90’s kid

-of course! I love Japanese songs.
-I can sing…what songs do I sing?
-I sing the Sambo Master song “utsukushi ningen no hibi”=days of beautiful people
-something ha-te no something

If your speaking a different language, it’s difficult to remember the names of some things.

Also, I can sing one KOBUKURO song……”Door”
-do you know that song?

GRAMMAR POINT detekita!:

It’s not that new song. XXX
It’s not that new OF A song. OK

It’s not that new A song. XXX

Door, the song, is not that new. OK

I’m a nice guy.
-anyway, so…

I’m a nice guy. OK
I’m a very nice guy. OK
I’m not a very nice guy. OK
I’m not THAT nice guy. XXX

–because.. VERY and THAT, you need to make a different sentence, or grammar—

not a very new song. OK
It’s not that new of a song. OK

remember, “that” is different from “very”

3) Do Americans do Karaoke?

-sing Karaoke
-sing at Karaoke
-go to Karaoke

-yes they do. But i think Karaoke in America and Karaoke in are a little bit different
-what’s the difference? I don’t know, because, I’ve never been to America

-well, I’ve never done Karaoke in America…because I’m a CHICKEN
-like a coward

-you watch in the movie(STRONG FEELING, BAD WORD)

like a chicken race?
-I’ve never seen a chicken race

ahhhhhhhh….I’m so sorry, we say that in America

chicken race, I imagine to chickens,…like a dog race

-the first person who goes away, loses

In the movie, they say “coward”…it’s a kind of older word

In America, we have Karaoke in front of lots of people in the bar…
-for example, at my local bar, one night, is like, Karaoke night, or something, maybe…
-many people are drinking…
-I’m too chicken, I can’t sing in front of lots of strangers and drunk people

so like, singing in front of strangers, is karaoke
-in japan, many years ago, there was “karaoke kissa(cafe)”

So, in America, we have Karaoke.
-one, we do just at our house
-or at the bar

So, I’ve never done Karaoke in America, and, I never want to!

4) What are some popular songs that all Japanese people sing in Karaoke?

I like this question, because every time I go to Karaoke, I hear the same songs, like, kind of the same songs.
-everyone likes to sing, everyone knows the words

-of course…it depends on the persons age
-but i think “morning musume”, or akb, like, we can hear a lot on the TV or BGM, on the show, or radio. So, maybe AKB for now

how about, what’s a popular song with all people? maybe ten year old kid and like an older person…
-what i can think of now…is…SMAP,

“sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana”
-how do you say in English?
—the only flower in the world is you

so that’s talking about a girl?

as a flower, we are all different.
-so what kind of flower am I?

what about the “sukiyaki song”?
-i don’t know, in English, it’s called the sukiyaki song

It’s also popular worldwide, but I don’t know

I was driving with my friend, and her dad, and her sister, and, we were in the car, and we were listening to the radio.

I was really confused. Why is there a comedian, singing the sukiyaki song?
-but in Japan, comedian(s) can be a singer too, they can release the CDs, some of (the) comedians.

he thought it’s popular worldwide, but I had never heard of it.

Have you ever sung the sukiyaki song?
-yeah, because its on the textbook, the music textbook in primary school
-easy and, also catchy

I think the hamachan version is the best. At the end, other comedians are singing with him.

So, maybe, i listened to the “ashita ga aru sa”, with hamachan, and my friends dad also asked me about the sukiyaki song, so i got them mixed up.

mixed up
-i got…and…mixed up
-ahh, i got confused

5) Are you a good singer?

are you good at singing?
can you sing well?

-I like singing. But, I don’t know (if) I’m a good singer or not.

-I’m the worst singer in the world
-when I go to a higher note, It, I can’t. I just stay at the same note.
-how do you say? It’s like the tone…

I’m horrible at changing notes!

6) Who is the best singer in your family?

-my brother
-so he’s better than you? -I think so.
-so, what songs does he sing? -the songs like a tongue twister, like a rap.
-can you give me an example?
-EXILE? no..
-Dragon Ash? -yes, but they are old.

-I’ve never heard my mom sing, really.
-but my dad, sometimes he sings, just like, he’s walking in the house, or in the shower. He is also like “TONE DEAF”

tone deaf
-like, have a difficulty to hear, tone.

how do you say “tone” in Japanese?
-so my dad, I’m sure, 100%, he is tone deaf, like me. Only one note.
-but my sister, I think she can sing a little,…, but still like half tone deaf, pretty bad
-I imagine my mom….must be good, she has to be good! …must be my mom!

7) If you could sing one song in perfectly, what would it be?

why “could”?
-well, because “if”, it’s not a real situation.
-so “if i could”, it’s just imagine thing
-i just remember how to say this grammar, in Japanese

-well, …, I know, one song that i really really like, is Whitney Houston’s the…movie’s song…-what is that songs name?
-can you remember the lyric? -could you give me (some) time.
-“I will always love you” by Whitney Houston
-so that song, is a little difficult, because, the last note, is really high.
-she can sing the really high note. Before the high note….OK.

for me, EVERY note is like the high note!

-well, I like the singer Axel Rose, so, he is the singer for Guns N’ Roses…
-It’s his stage name, and the song is “sweet child o’ mine”
-so why do you want to sing that song perfectly?
-his voice is sooooo cool, he can hit, he can go to the high note. He can just scream. also he has a good voice.
-also, I can play the guitar for that song.
-so, in the future, maybe I could sing the song, and play the guitar at the same time.

Wow, you have to practice very very much.
-well, I practiced the guitar a lot, but, I didn’t practice the singing
-that’s the important part
-or you can hire the singer

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