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Show Notes! I wasn’t lazy!!! Hooray!





spray-painted my hair black

I wore, like a yukata, or…jimbe

why did my dad have a jimbe?



that Halloween, it was raining


it started to rain


slowly kids started to go home

give up


usually we finish around… 10pm


around 9, it started pouring, raining really hard


I remember 2 things:


one thing, we kept trick-or-treating in the rain

my spray-painted hair


the spray-painted hair started running down (running down my face)


but, of course, having spray painted hair in your eyes is not good.. but..


but, because it was raining, like everyone, all the kids, went home


and, I, my house was in kind of a normal neighborhood


rich area


a million dollars


in Japanese yen, how much is a million dollars

like a nice area in Ashiya


So me and my friend were really wet, so we got wet from the rain, and we went home


my dad says “hey, let’s go trick-or treating with the car!”


we drove around the rich area…


and my dad says “Ok go run outside and trick-or-treat!”


and the people….they were surprised “whoa, you’re trick-or-treating, it’s like pouring rain!”


I remember each house gave like a huge, handful of candy, because they knew that no other people were going to come.


So we went to maybe, like twenty houses, but we got like huge…bag of candy.


So, American kids, we are very focused about, so each house, how many pieces of candy.


one piece is normal.


maybe the nice people “oh, you can have two pieces”


and sometimes, they say “take a handful”


so we got like 20 or 30, houses, they said you can take like, a handful, you can take the whole bag…


It was awesome!




So, with my private lesson students, we practice translating free talk questions. This week, is, there’s about, 7 or 8 questions about Halloween and USJ.



QUESTION: ユニバーサルサプライズハロウィンとか、そのような、ハロウィンのイベントに行ったことはありますか?

Have you ever been to a Halloween event, like the “Universal Surprise Halloween”, or something like it?


AYA’S ANSWER: So, a Halloween event in an amusement park, you mean? … OK, I’ve never been….





that kind of…

I went to that kind of event


that’s what I thought!

similar to “I knew it”

Can I ask back?


NATE’S ANSWER: Ok, let me think of the Halloween events that I went to.


First, when I was a child…


CURVE xxx(curve ball)



carve pumpkins

maybe we carved pumpkins together


going trick-or-treating


And, when I was in Highschool…


Haunted House


you walk through the haunted house


grab you

scare you


and then in college, and after college…


house party

busy downtown area


QUESTION: 今まで見たホラー映画で、どの映画が怖かったですか?

Until now, what horror movie has terrified you?



like super super scared


It’s like you’re about to die…


AYA’S ANSWER: Chakushin Ari, in English, “ONE MISSED CALL”, there is (a) Japanese version and (a) Hollywood version.


I heard that before.


OHHHH…I watched that.


the one missed call is hollywood version name xxx

the “ONE MISSED CALL” is the hollywood ones name


oh, that’s a cool movie.



I don’t remember the details.


I terrified me…


water, like….

the well

a well


a well is not realistic for me


I have (a) cellphone..


So you’re comparing RINGU


THE RING has the well…


I can’t relate to that.


You feel like the story or situation could happen to you.


can’t relate to…(something)


for example: Sazaisan story —-

how old is the first sazaisan comic?


50 years old…

really old



I was reading, and sazaisan was carrying coal


I couldn’t relate to it at all, so I gave up. But, I like sazaisan.



Do you like zombie movies?


NATE’S ANSWER: well, I used to hate zombie movies…


28 days later

it is like non-stop, killing, action


just soooo many zombies get killed, like thousands and thousands


one movie changed my mind…



recent movie

really good

Brad Pitt


World War Z


It has a good story


just killing zombies


go rent the dvd now




QUESTION: アメリカのハロウィンは、祝日ですか?

Is Halloween a National Holiday in the US?



a trick question


AYA’S ANSWER:  I think Americans celebrate Halloween, but it’s not a National Holiday. I think it’s not. So…


answer is….MAYBE


In America we say Public Holiday…is a day off


In America, we don’t say national holiday, we just say Holiday, or Public Holiday.


I think the rule is, a public holiday, is, the government gets a day off.


Is Halloween a Holiday? YES

Is Halloween a Public Holiday? NO

Is Halloween a National Holiday? (America person would be confused, or maybe they would say NO or YES)






QUESTION: アメリカで子供に人気なコスチュームは何ですか?

What are the most popular costumes for kids in the US?


AYA’S ANSWER: Well, see, like a, superheroes? Like, a, spiderman, ironman….


other superheroes like batman, and..


of course robin. Batman and Robin.



yellow and green costume


how do you say SIDEKICK?



sub-main character

for a superhero team, we say sidekick


What are some other costumes? So not superhero?


new movie characters

that’s a good one


disney movie





from real movies


halloween related monsters








What costume would you have worn as a kid?


AYA’S ANSWER: well, see, when I was a child, sailormoon was very popular, so, maybe I would have worn a sailor moon costume.


what costumes did you wear?


you wore a lot…


well, ninja turtles, is one. I loved the blue ninja turtle.


who was your favorite ninja turtle


each ninja turtle has a special name…


rafael, donatello, michealangelo…


da vinca…leonardo…







What’s the difference between Halloween in Japan and the US?


what do you think?


NATE’S ANSWER: well, of course, there’s like, obvious differences…




like, Japanese people don’t do trick-or-treating, usually


carve the big pumpkins


we do trick-or-treating IN the party


at the party

we don’t go around the neighborhood, door-to-door, knocking


I wish I could do that


It’s like “real” Halloween




Why does Japanese culture have so much Halloween stuff but they don’t celebrate it?


So Halloween stuff, is like, in the cafe, or at the club, or in the, on the street, you can see so much Halloween stuff.


celebrate the main event


carving pumpkins


AYA’S ANSWER: From my understanding, well, the real Halloween things, like carving pumpkin(s) or trick-or-treating, mainly they are for kids. But Halloween culture in Japan like, from….


adult people xxx

adults OK


just for adults, so, adults enjoy wearing costumes…


of course, at the English schools, teachers have Halloween parties for adults.


So, Halloween in Japan is pretty much for adults.


Do you think, in the future, Japanese kids will trick-or-treat?


I wish I could do trick-or-treating with the neighborhood…



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